Friday, May 25, 2012

Fight Comics comic book covers

These are the front and back covers I did for a recently released anthology called Fight Comics. 5 different stories centering around the theme of conflict. The writer, Jason Mehmel, did a fantastic job at putting all the stories together. My favourite one in particular is Courtroom of the Future Gods! He has imbued his characters with a deep emotional quality especially in this one. I am curious to see what he comes up with next and I definitely want to illustrate one of his stories!

I find I get some of my best ideas from listening to music, been listening to this track from 1997 by Daft Punk, it's only been recorded as a live set: 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Crescent Kingdom

This started as a speed painting as I was listening to Juno Reactor. I built a story around it as I went on with the painting.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Suff I needed to scan and an illustration

I've been trying more to come to grips with what makes my work unique, been trying to arrive at my own style, my own look, I am closer but not there yet. Most of these drawings are influenced by music and emotions either consciously or subconsciously, Iron Maiden, Queen, Cafe del Mar, Vangelis, Juno Reactor, metal, ....

I draw from what I feel, all my oscillations, HATE, lust, greed, RAGE, wonder, excitement, FIRE, CONFUSION, ABANDON, sadness, conviction, dreams, love....

Been reading 7 Deadly Sins by Corey Taylor, he believes that these sins as we call them are just passions of the human soul trying to live life to a fuller extent. I also think this is true, and I think this is what drew me to get this book which I found by accident one time I was high, as funny as that sounds. It took me a while to read the description on the back of the book mind you.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Lord of the Frozen Land

A passing mockingbird bows before him,
The sovereign of a land he once fought to gain.

His subjects now left him,
THe sovereign of a lonesome domain.

There he sits down,
His empty ambition left him now.

To the horizon, where the land meets the sky,
Places far off, he lifts his eyes,
To leave this place, to wander the world,
And seek a fortune,
Of a different kind.

The Postman

You  board the greyhound one day, on a whim, to see a concert of a band you fell in love with many years back. There's something about taking the greyhound, the feeling of leaving everything behind and going to far off places, unknown experiences awaiting, colourful people, stories, lives coming together with yours for a while, crossing paths with you before you part ways. Thrill of the unknown, ecstasy! What does the future hold in store?
The bus stops at a small station somewhere on the road. You sit down for some tea in a diner next to the station and look off in the distance. <--------------- { ] A tall man about 6 feet walks through the door, wearing a leather trench coat that looks as if it gathered the dust and grime of countless experiences. His shirt, and pants look like the've not been changed in a while, surpassed in age and wear only by the boots that carry him.
His head level, hair long, dirty and unkempt, he walks to the bar and orders a plain Americano, strolls over to the table adjacent to yours at the far end of the diner next to the windows overlooking the highway and the last rays of the setting sun that just disappeared over the edge of the fields on the opposite side of the highway to the diner. As he sits down he pauses for a minute and takes a sip from the coffee. Your gaze can't help but turn his way, what kinda stuff has he been through, what's he seen, felt, how many brushes with death has he had.
You take a sip of your coffee as he pulls an envelope out of his coat. Its sealed with dark blue wax as if from a different time but the paper seems new. A lover...., a friend perhaps.... "Travel with the greyhound often?" you ask; he takes another sip of coffee and looks you in the eyes, .....
"I like it,... taking time to get from place to place, taking in the surroundings and journey to get there, not as fast as a skyliner or as slow as a horse coach, though even those are good sometimes." he says. "Sounds old fashioned." you reply. "Important delivery?" "Yeah..." And as you talk you begin to wonder how old this man is, you take a shot at some numbers, 20, 30,.... 40 maybe? Can't tell for sure, his face dirty with old bruises in areas, his gaze penetrating yours, the wisdom of ages in it. "... it's important." he says.

As you board the bus again you notice he sits down midway through in a free seat, people reposition themselves to avoid the smell of old sweat and trash permeating from him that you somehow were able to overlook before, and as the bus glides through the night you look out into the night and reminisce over the stories he told you in that short of a time you talked where time almost stopped, .... unable to fall asleep, .... the steel mass on wheels glides over the highway.
A few days pass on the journey and you continue to share stories with this man whose name you don't know. He listens intently, collecting them in his boundless jar where they become immortal for other ages to hear, and you do the same in yours.

The bus driver announces the arrival to New York, your destination is finally here. You rush through the Lincoln tunnel and stop at the Greyhound Lines station on 8th Avenue. "So where you off to now?" you ask, "Going to see an old friend." he replies. You're going to miss this man, and his stories...
But just for fun you decide to follow him! Concealed preferably, cause you're just dying of curiosity!

The concert is at Madison Square but you have several hours to kill before that. You follow him down the street away from the station, careful so he won't spot you, it's easy here since there are so many people to and fro, the streets alive with colour and lights, alive with each and every character they've held through time. ---->You follow him into central park, the cool evening air is refreshing on this July summer night. ..... Around,... you see in places, bums, artists, and couples drawn to this place sitting on benches. He sits down on a bench next to the Lake and lights one up. You sit down on another bench and pause for a while. What could be going through his mind? you ask yourself. He stares out into the city line over the lake. He seems at home here, how many times has he come here before?
After a few minutes a girl shows up from the pathway behind the benches. She sits next to him and he hands her the envelope. She stares at it and hold it to her chest. They talk for a while and you decide to leave them be, you want to get to Madison Square after all, still need to catch the concert, wouldn't miss it for the world. .......
......But Wait!
......Seems he's getting up, where could he be going? The lady is not going with him. And somehow the burning curiosity returns.
You follow him onward back into the city down through the streets into Hell's Kitchen. He looks around a few times as if to make sure no one's watching and disappears into an old forgotten alley, and you follow him. A stray black cat runs out the alley, something spooked it, and as you get closer you begin to see flashes of light emanating from somewhere between the buildings. You run over to the edge of one of the buildings and the light gets stronger and suddenly a deep earth shaking rumble is heard, it gets louder as you peer over the corner into the alley....
....your blood starting to boil....
------------------> The postman his arm outstretched touching the building in front of him a bright glow where his hand touches, the wall beginning to disintegrate outwards from where his hand is touching it, breaking apart in ChUNkS of bricks sucked up into the light on the other side of the wall in what looks like a vortex. You begin to feel a pull of gravity and wind drawing you ever harder toward the man and his vortex

------------> ((((((((( O ))))))))) <-------------

The gravity pull grows viciously and discarded newspapers and posters in the alley fall into the light followed by larger debris! Suddenly you find your body being pulled like a hurricane has got a hold of you and you grab for the nearest wall pipe and hold on for dear life!

>>>>>>{{{[[[(((( ((O)) ))))]]]}}}<<<<<<<<

The man is somehow able to withstand the pull of the growing vortex, must be strong as hell!

>>>{{{{{{{[[[[(((( ((O)) ))))]]]]}}}}}}}}<<<

AT LAST the wall and most of the building DISSsinntegrrrrattesss completely ..............
VORTEX now in plain sight, you holding on to the pipe, and as you look inside the vortex which is now a round black portal formed into the light surrounding it, you see a boundless expanse on the other side and you make out little dots of light... stars maybe.


Your curiosity grows even more and you're close to let go of the pipe and dive into the portal, what could lie on the other side you wonder? How many worlds are there? Maybe a different time? You decide to let go but at that moment....
.....The postman turns round and looks you in the eye and you notice a slight smile on his face
;-) "YOU HAVE A CONCERT TO CATCH!" And with that he raises his left hand to his temple in a solute, the type comrades give to each other, "Who knows what time holds in store for us, that's the beauty of it, your time is yours alone and no one can change it! Use it to the fullest and live! Maybe we'll meet again! ;)"
Then he turns round and disappears into the expanse, the portal closing behind him in an implosion followed by a burst of energy so HUGE all the windows and crates and debris in the alley and surrounding area are blown to pieces.


And there,
you lie down in the empty alley, smoke rising from the place where the vortex once was, body aching and shivering but somehow it doesn't matter to you that much. .....
You get up with a new found sense of hope and vision that you'll never forget for all time.

Ah the greyhound......

Time to head over to Madison Square Garden.

The Witch in the Cave at the edge of the Forest

Just thought I'd do a progression of one of the approaches I use to paint.